Strada Exterior

The front grille, hood and bumper makes the Strada look like it's been carved from a solid block of steel. But there’s a lot more to it than just rugged features.

Explore the Strada Athlete in 360-view

Dynamic Shield Fascia

More protective, more stable.

The new front of the Strada incorporates the DYNAMIC SHIELD. It not only looks the part, it's also more protective for pedestrians and occupants. The improved hood shape and lower resting position of the windscreen wipers offers better visibility.

Power Door Mirror with Side Turn Lamps

Warn others you’re turning

The power door mirrors have a folding function to keep them safely tucked away when you're parked. A side turn lamp (indicator) on the outside edge alerts other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that you're about to turn.

Keyless Operation System

Convenient and secure

The Keyless Operation System allows you to lock and unlock the doors simply by pressing a button on the door handle. The Engine Start System lets you start and stop the engine by pressing an engine switch, so you can get in, and start the Strada without using a key.


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