The Drive

Reliable Engine

The economical 1.2L MIVEC engine delivers impressive fuel efficiency and optimal performance, making every drive enjoyable whether around the city or out of town.

INVECS-III CVT Transmission

The INVECS-III* CVT optimizes maximum engine power and RPM for excellent fuel economy. This way, you enjoy smooth and fuel efficient driving on various road conditions without sacrificing performance.

*Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System III

Smartphone Link Display Audio

Go where you want, when you want. Discover new places and entertainment with the new 7" Smartphone Link Display Audio 3 (SDA 3). Now with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, you can intuitively play your favorite music, answer calls, and read messages hands-free through voice commands for a safer and more convenient drive.

Mirage G4

To discover more about the stand-out looks of the Mirage G4, go to Exterior