Mitsubishi 360

After the three-wheel K-car, came the four-wheel 360 K-light van. This commercial vehicle was aimed at small to medium size businesses and was ideal for transporting small loads.

Because of the success of our passenger-focussed K-cars*, Mitsubishi kept to a 'wide and low' styling theme, to give it a more chic passenger car feel. It had a frameless lightweight body and was powered by a specially designed 359cc 2-cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled engine mounted at the front, but driving the rear wheels. It was offered in two body types: a van with blank panel windows and seating for two, and a light van with seating for four. It made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show and launched in April 1961. It was a huge success. Production of all models totalled 54,000 units and it earned a massive 16 percent share of the market.

*A K-car, or Kei-car is a Japanese category for a light automobile with an engine power below 660cc.