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As a family united in the harmony of our individual and collective purpose, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) constantly seeks excellence in delivering products and services that are made for the now and inspired by what is to come.

Through seamless integration of quality vehicles into everyday lives, we lend a hand in driving countless aspirations of our industry, society and nation ahead. All while staying true to our steadfast commitment to excellence, sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction.

With a rich heritage and a forward-thinking mindset, MMPC invites everyone to explore beyond boundaries, amplify ambitions and carve new paths into the future.
1963 - Incorporated as Chrysler Philippines Corporation.


Chrysler Philippines Corporation changed its corporate name to Canlubang Automotive Resources Corporation (CARCO) on October 1978.


The Philippine Automotive Manufacturing Corporation (PAMCOR) was incorporated by Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Nissho Iwai Corporation with an authorized capital of P300 million and formally taking over the operations, business activities, and all privileges of CARCO on January 1987.


The Lancer was introduced to the Philippine market.


The Galant made its debut in the Philippine market.


PAMCOR's cumulative production reached 250,000 units since it started operations on July 1964.

February 1995 - PAMCOR was named as one of Asia's top 5 leading companies for Product Quality and Service sponsored by the Far Eastern Economic Review.


For successfully maintaining a harmonious labor-management relationship, PAMCOR again garnered the 1996 Sikap-Gawa Industrial Peace Award on May 1996.

August 1996 - PAMCOR officially changed its company name to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC).


MMPC staged a first-of-its-kind motor show in the country called the Mitsubishi Motor World on April 1997. The event showcased past, present, and future line-up of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of Mitsubishi.


The Adventure was launched in the Philippine market on January 1998 and phenomenally grabbed market leadership in the AUV segment, posting a wide margin over the sales of the erstwhile leader.

January 1999 - After 9 years, MMPC regained its No. 1 position in the Philippine automotive industry.


MMPC has been awarded by SGS International Certification Services of Canada, Inc. of Ontario, Canada with the ISO 9001 certification on February 1999.


MMPC celebrated its 400,000th unit cumulative production turnout on March 2001.


MMPC held the Fun Camp, a 2-day fun-filled family fair with a grand motor show at the Bonifacio Global City. The latest models and the SUP concept car were shown at the event on November 2003.


J.D. Powers Asia Pacific ranked the Mitsubishi Pajero as the best Sport Utility Vehicle in the Philippines Initial Quality Survey on December 2003.

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March 2008 - MMPC celebrates its 500,000 sales milestone. MMPC reached the cumulative sales of 500,000 units since 1971.


MMPC achieved its 500,000th unit cumulative production milestone since it started its assembly operations in 1964. This production milestone also marked the introduction of the then-new Lancer EX that was locally produced in the Philippines on December 2009.


The then-new Mirage was introduced during the 4th Philippine International Motor Show on August 2012.

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The Mirage GLS M/T won the 2012-2013 Best Basic Subcompact Car of the Year and ultimately, the Car of the Year in the Philippines by Car Awards Group Inc. (CAGI) In the same year, MMPC sold 43,176 units resulting in the number 2 position in the industry and a 22.3% market share, the highest ever by MMPC.


MMPC marked another milestone as it celebrated its 50th year anniversary.


MMPC challenged the 21km/L mileage claim of the Mirage and Mirage G4 by conducting the Mirage G4 Eco Drive Marathon: Luzon to Mindanao on 1 Full Tank.


The Mirage G4 GLX M/T was awarded the 2013-2014 Best Basic Subcompact Car of the Year by Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI) In the same year, the Mirage and Mirage G4 were given the highest rating for Adult Occupancy Protection in the Mini Car category in the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards 2014.


MMPC celebrated its 600,000th unit cumulative production milestone in its Santa Rosa, Laguna plant on February 2016.


MMPC was approved as a program participant of the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) of the Philippine government. In the same year, MMPC started the groundbreaking ceremony of its Stamping Shop Facility in Santa Rosa, Laguna to kick start its participation in the CARS Program.

2016 - MMPC closes the year with an exceptional sales performance of 61,400 units - the highest vehicle sales volume it has achieved since 1996.


Led by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Philippine-Manufactured Mirage G4 under the CARS Program was officially launched at Malacañang Palace. In the same year, production of the Mirage G4 officially began at the Santa Rosa plant.


MMPC celebrated a century of Mitsubishi automobile innovation in the 100 Years Anniversary Expo at the Philippine World Trade Center held on June 2017.


MMC, through its local affiliate, embarked on a joint study with various Philippine government agencies and members of the academe in promoting electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the country.


Strada GLS 4WD M/T wins Best 4WD Pickup Truck and eventually the Truck of the Year - Philippines Awards on November 2017.


MMPC's Stamping Shop Facility officially started operations on February 2018 which houses the biggest stamping machine in the Philippine automotive industry.


The Xpander officially launches in the Philippine market.


Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi Alliance member companies open joint training center at MMPC's Santa Rosa, Laguna plant.


The New Strada launches in the Philippine market.


MMPC celebrates its 1,000,000 sales milestone on April 2019.


The New Montero Sport launches in the Philippine market.


MMPC celebrated its 700,000th unit cumulative production turnout with the Mirage G4 as its 700,000th unit on November 2019.


The Xpander Cross launches in the Philippine Market.


To be continued…

Staying true to our design philosophy of honesty, robustness and Japanese craftsmanship, we’ll continue to build impressive mobility solutions. Not just now, but for the future.

Better and Stronger

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation drives straight into the future with its one-of-a-kind manufacturing hub in Laguna.

Occupying 23 impressive hectares, the manufacturing plant can produce a maximum of 50,000 units annually. In 2017, the local production of the Mirage and Mirage G4 here in the Philippines officially began followed by the opening of the biggest stamping facility in the country to dramatically scale up output.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) also upgraded its equipment to further improve the assembly process and quality. One of which is the automated plastic parts paint robot – the first of its kind in the Philippines. Paired with the topcoat body spray robots, this results in a quicker and more consistent paint process. The newly adopted 3C1B paint shop seals the deal of the company’s new efforts for efficiency and quality.

Last 2018, a joint staff training center was established to provide more efficient and value- added services for customers in showrooms and repair centers.

With a continuously expanding manufacturing plant featuring the latest technology, MMPC is poised to keep its strong industry position to helps drive success today and tomorrow.