The i-MiEV had a long wheelbase inherited from the i minicar rear-midship layout. This meant there was enough space to install a large capacity lithium-ion drive battery under the floor and install the power unit under the luggage compartment. This gave the i-MiEV an impressive cruising range without compromising the seating or luggage space.

The car also featured the MiEV OS (MiEV Operating System). This was an advanced, integrated vehicle management system, engineered through years of EV research and development.

The i-MiEV boasted the kind of high performance and reliability that befits a new-generation EV. It had zero drive-time CO2 emissions, it was 100% electric, and it was quiet, agile and comfortable. It won the 2009-2010 Car of the Year Japan's 'Most Advanced Technology' Special Achievement Award.