New Mitsubishi Mirage G4: The Smart Choice for a Fuel-Efficient and Practical Sub-Compact Sedan

Following the fuel economy run last November 13 facilitated by Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), under the supervision of the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), the New Mirage G4 remains to be the smart choice for a fuel-efficient and practical sub-compact sedan.

After a Highway Test heading Northbound to SCTEX/TPLEX with a total distance of 236.227 kilometers (km), the New Mirage G4 GLS 1.2G CVT variant tallied an impressive fuel mileage of 22.823 km per liter. In order to simulate real-life driving conditions, the following parameters were enacted:

· Vehicles were at full fuel capacity and tire pressures set at 32 psi

· Speed at an average of 80 kph on the highway while observing traffic regulations and limits

· 3 passengers on board with no extra baggage and air-conditioning placed to low cool thermostat and lowest blower setting

Despite the latest iteration sporting a more modernized look plus interior upgrades, fuel efficiency is still at its core. So whether going around city streets or travelling through highways, the New Mirage yields reduced fuel consumption without affecting performance and acceleration.

Equipped with a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder MIVEC engine which produces 76 hp and 100 Nm of torque. It makes use of a variable valve timing system that significantly moderates engine load and friction and enables an Eco Drive Assist function. Making it easier to ensure higher fuel economy and smarter drives.

The locally produced model has a light yet high-tensile body but does not compromise safety and comfort with its spacious legroom and trunk. There is then room to have friends and family aboard and even for weekend gear.

“The Mirage G4 is a global model developed on three concepts, high fuel efficiency, affordability and easy to drive. All of which we uphold to our customers with and through our new local slogan Life Made Better,” said Mr. Hara Takeshi, MMPC’s President and CEO. “The positive results from the recently concluded Fuel Economy Run together with AAP, supports Mitsubishi’s commitment to uplift the ownership experience of Filipinos. No better way to manifest this than through a vehicle that is easy on the pockets and allows them to follow their hearts and be ‘G4’ anything.”

Available in three trim levels, the abovementioned GLS CVT being the top of the line followed by the GLX CVT and GLX MT. It comes in eight body colors namely Wine Red, Pyrenese Black, Savanna White, Virgil Gray, Majestic Red, Medium Blue Mica, Sunrise Orange and Cool Silver Metallic.