Mitsubishi L300 and Strada leads MMPC’s January sales performance

2021 is foreseen to be the rebound year by most due to the continuous significant progress reflected by the economy. The improvements shown has uplifted the spirits of many industries especially on the automotive side. MMPC benefited from the economic boost as the tough and durable utilitarian vehicles of the brand, namely the Mitsubishi L300 and Strada generated significant increase in retail sales.

The L300 and Strada started the year strong with 59% and 30% respective sales growth. The proudly Filipino made and number 1 selling utility van in the country capped the month of January with a total of 764 units sold, 286 units more than the previous month. The solid numbers can be attributed to the special Retro promo that brought the SRP of the L300 down to 698k (cab and chassis only). The aggressive Retro offer is now extended until the end of February for customers to avail and enjoy.

On the other hand, the powerful pick-up truck – Mitsubishi Strada closed 428 units. A 101 unit improvement versus December. The Strada has been securing steady output month on month. Showing good promise for the Mitsubishi nameplate.

“Every month displays a new challenge for us but we are grateful to consistently receive an overwhelming support from the market and admirable passion from our dealer partners. We will continue to strive to give the market enticing promos to assist them in owning their desired Mitsubishi vehicle”. – said by Mr. Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, President and CEO of MMPC.