The Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Driver-oriented Features you never thought you needed

The Skyway Stage 3 link is now open and it boast about cutting travel time from North to South and vice versa by more than half. The convenience this infrastructure brings is a welcome treat to many as more destinations are now accessible and easy to reach.

Most people would say that being the designated driver on long road trips is a burden. While spending long periods on the road can be stressful for some, being a driver aboard the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is a delightful experience.

Beautiful inside and out

The luxurious and commanding exterior design of the Montero Sport is complemented by a comfortable and elegant interior that will surely make you feel like the captain of the vehicle. Once inside, comfort features such as 8-way power adjustable seats both for driver and front passenger, touch screen multi-media system, steering wheel controls for audio, multi-around view camera, cruise control and vehicle configuration are all made available for convenient and stress-free driving.

Move with the groove

Driving in an expressway require more focus and quick reflex from the driver due to several variables that may come into play. For a more enjoyable long drive, the Montero Sport offers an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature that does not only allow you to set your desired speed but it also adapts based on the distance set from the car in front of you. Thanks to its radar sensors, you can rest your foot worry-free while cruising along the Skyway.

With great speed comes great responsibility

The luxury and convenience of being able to speed through an open road must be accompanied by proper caution and committed compliance to driving regulations. Shifting lanes to overtake or veering right to exit must be done carefully to avoid accidents. The Montero Sport’s Blind Spot Warning (BSW) with Lane Change Assist (LCA) comes in handy during these scenarios. With the BSW you will be able to anticipate fast approaching cars and safely change lanes.

Good things don’t have to end

After exiting the Skyway 3, reality will once again come into play and you will realize that heavy traffic in the metro still exists. To assist you in the ordeal, The Mitsubishi Montero Sport has a Brake Auto Hold (BAH) feature, which lessens driver fatigue. You will not need to step on the brake pedal during long pauses. You can relax your foot while waiting for the traffic to move again. The brakes are released as soon as you step on the accelerator.

Finally, you arrive at your destination safely. You hop off the car feeling relaxed and all set for your productive day ahead. The Montero Sport hosts a menagerie of creature comforts for the driver and its passengers – Definitely perfect for long drives.

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