Unique Small Business Ideas with the Mitsubishi L300

The Mitsubishi L300 is known to be one the most reliable utilitarian vehicle in the country. As proof to the claim, just last year, the iconic nameplate celebrated the roll out of its 200,000 production unit and continues to reflect a strong demand from the market.

Now that the country is facing another times in the form of a pandemic, the Mitsubishi L300 is still here to serve as a workhorse and a companion for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). With a highly configurable body pulled by a reliable engine, the L300 Is ready to aid the country again amid adversities.

Even better, the Mitsubishi L300 Cab & Chassis is easily attainable with the extension of the Mitsubishi Rollback promo. The L300’s price is reduced to P698, 000 (cab and chassis only) – a P106,000 cash discount from its usual suggested retail price. And while you’re at it, here are three unique ideas for small business.

Deliver Anything, Anywhere

Probably the most basic business idea for the L300 is goods delivery business. Whether you’re transporting fresh goods, dry products, or even on-demand delivery items such as furniture and appliances, the L300 can deliver – literally and figuratively. With a massive cargo space at the back, there are plenty of things you could haul from point A to point B.

The L300’s tried-and-true 2.2-liter Euro 4-compliant diesel engine has been a tough workhorse since time immemorial, making sure that point A to point B isn’t just confined within the city. And, since it’s a diesel, you’re assured that this journey will be economical to increase your profit.

Company Shuttle For Hire

With social distancing measures in place, an affordable shuttle for company employees is a more attractive option rather than taking public transportation. You can offer this service to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). Not only will a company shuttle help in curbing the spread of the virus, but it will also aid these SMEs in keeping their employees healthy and virus-free.

In fact, LTFRB urges private companies to provide shuttle services to its employees, provided that these vehicles will only serve 50 percent of their capacities. 

Rolling Reseller Store

With public transportation being limited these days, specialty goods or items that are only available in certain areas may be out of reach for households without private vehicles. So why not bring them closer to the buyer? Chicharon from Bulacan, buko tart from Tagaytay, or even the famous ube halaya and strawberry jam from Baguio – these are just some of the items you can bring closer to consumers, all transported using your trusty Mitsubishi L300.