Xpander Refer & Earn

Promo runs from November 15 to 30

1. For every successful referral of Xpander model from November 15 to 30, 2023, at any Mitsubishi Motors dealership, both existing customer and newly referred customer will receive incentives upon actual release of the unit.

· Existing Mitsubishi Customer (referrer) – Php 2,500 inclusive of withholding tax

· Newly Referred Customer – Php 7,500 inclusive of withholding tax

2. To qualify, the unit must be purchased by the newly referred customer fromNovember 15 to 30.

3. The newly referred customer must provide to the selling dealership the information and vehicle details of the existing customer (referrer) who referred him/her to purchase Xpander.

· Name of the referrer including photocopy of government issued ID.

· OR/CR of his/her Mitsubishi vehicle under the referrer’s name

· Vehicle assignment certificate (if the vehicle is under the name of a company)

4. Dealers will issue the cash incentives to these customers:

· Newly referred customer – The selling dealer should issue the incentive upon release of the vehicle.

· Existing customer – The selling dealer should notify him/her once the unit is released and schedule when to claim the incentive.

· Dealers should secure the duly signed acknowledgement letter from the customer.

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