Service Advisory

2020 Model Year L300 Fuel Hose Inspection

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) will conduct a recall inspection campaign on some of 2020 Model Year Mitsubishi L300 due to a possible damage on the rubber fuel hose. This proactive measure is to ensure the safety of our valued customers on the affected units.


The clearance gap between rubber fuel hose and alternator pulley should be 10mm or more. If the gap is less than 10mm there is a possibility of rubber fuel hose touching (contact) the alternator pulley which may cause damage or torn on the rubber fuel hose that may result to fuel leak and possibility of engine stalling or engine no start.


MMPC already conducted production fix to prevent this concern from happening to the succeeding production of L300 units.


To check if your vehicle is included on the affected units that needs to be inspected, kindly coordinate with your preferred authorized dealership.

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