The Drive

Elevate your driving experience with strength and precision.

Super Select 4WD-II System

Exceptional control across various conditions

The Triton conquers diverse terrains with its advanced Super Select 4WD-II system, precisely managing power and braking for optimum stability and traction on any surface. Easily switch between settings using the console dial—2H for regular roads, 4H for rough terrain (adjustable up to 100km/h), and when faced with challenging conditions or off-road adventures, smoothly transition to 4HLc or 4Llc settings by stopping the vehicle.

Off-Road Mode

Improved traction precisely when required

Enhance the Triton's traction by using the Off-Road Selector switch. Simply press the button until the desired mode is displayed on the Multi-Information Display. Select from options such as Gravel, Mud, Sand, or Rock for optimal performance.

All-New Powerful Engine

Unleash power with the 2.4-Liter Direct Injection Diesel engine, featuring Two-Stage Turbo for Euro 5 or Turbocharged Direct Injection for Euro 4.

Dominance redefined

Super powerful engine lets you experience a maximum power of 204 ps at 3,500 rpm and formidable torque ranging from 470 Nm at 1,500 rpm to 2,750 rpm. 

Improved Suspension Design

Supreme Comfort No Matter The Terrain

Thoroughly tested for enhanced strength and reduced weight. The innovative suspension design, coupled with a state-of-the-art shock absorption system, guarantees exceptional comfort, even in the most challenging terrains.

Hill Descent Control

Navigate steep slopes with confidence

Hill Descent Control ensures a steady speed on descents by automatically applying the brakes, allowing you to concentrate on steering.

Hill Start Assist

Facilitate your ascent with added ease

Hill Start Assist simplifies launching on steep inclines, preventing the vehicle from rolling backward.


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