The Drive

No other utility vehicle has such a history of reliability and versatility as the L300, or the Mitsubishi Delica, as it’s known in some markets. This latest generation has an even more powerful engine, which for a compact van means it really punches above its weight.


The cab has been raised by 100mm

A higher cab gives you better visibility. This is especially important if you’re delivering to more remote areas on bumpy or uneven roads. It means you’ll have a more commanding view of the road ahead, so you can spot upcoming hazards more easily.


40% more torque and pulling power

The 2.2 liter DOHC (Euro 4 compliant) diesel engine returns 200 Nm maximum torque and 99.25 PS of power. In other words, you’ve got a lot of brute strength to help you haul those heavy loads. 


Smooth column-mounted gearchange

The gearchange is mounted on the steering column. This makes it easy to access and has the added benefit of keeping the floor area clear.


Smooths out the bumpiest of roads

At the front, the L300 has an independent wishbone and coil spring with stabilizer arrangement. At the rear, there’s a semi-elliptic leaf spring arrangement. In other words, the L300 has a highly developed suspension system to minimise the bumps and protect you and your cargo when you’re on the road.


Light, easy steering

The Mitsubishi L300 has power steering. Most people are familiar with power steering from their sedan cars. It has the effect of making the L300’s steering lighter and more responsive in traffic. You’ll find reversing right up to loading bays or maneuvering into tight parking spots is a breeze.


A big capacity fuel tank

We designed the L300 to be a reliable partner for your business. That’s why it has a large 55-liter tank – so that even on the longest delivery journeys, you’ll get there without needing to re-fuel all the time.


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