G4 Safety

mirage g4 safety

Driver and Passenger Airbags

In the event of a collision, the Mirage G4's front SRS airbags activate to help protect you and the front passenger by absorbing the force of impact.

Anti-Lock Braking System (GLS)

The Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS ensures that the car remains responsive to your control whenever you are braking. Together with the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution or EBD, these systems work together to prevent tires fromlocking up and avoid collision during sudden braking on wet roads and other conditions.


Collision safety performance is significantly enhanced by Mitsubishi Motors' RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body, which efficiently absorbs impact and maintains high cabin integrity in the event of a collision.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (GLS)

Together with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution or EBD distributes the force generated to all four wheels to shorten braking distance.


Pretensioners automatically tighten the front seatbelts in the event of a collision to help restrain the driver and front passenger.

Mirage G4

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