Cross in Premium Comfort

The new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross' interior has an improved aesthetic and ergonomic design, with soft-touch premium materials. Enjoy the ride with best-in-class cabin space and comfortable leather seats.

Smartphone Link Display Audio

With the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross’ 9-inch touchscreen Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, you can connect your phone with your car display to safely use your smartphone’s apps when you need it. Get driving directions, make calls, and listen to your favorite music without having to touch your phone.

Digital Climate Control

The new digital air conditioning controls, with its big toggle switches offer better ergonomics and operation even while driving while the MAX COOL button offers full-power rapid cooling with just a single press.

New 8-inch Digital LCD Meter Cluster

The New Mitsubishi Xpander Cross now has a new 8-inch full digital LCD meter for a more premium interior cabin.

Montero Sport Steering Wheel

It also borrows the 4-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel from its SUV sibling, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

Engine Start/Stop Button

With the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross’ Keyless Operation System (KOS), you can lock/unlock and start/stop the engine with just a press of a button without having to take your key out of your pocket or bag.

High quality leather with heat guard

The new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross’ seats are in high quality leather with accent stitching. The navy blue and black leather are synthetic with heat guard function that suppresses the seat surface temperature from rising.

Organized storage

The rear cargo floor of the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross reveals an integrated organizer which is strategically divided for the usual on-the-go items like shoes and umbrellas. It is also ideal for wet items with its hard plastic material.

Front seat under tray

The new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross’ front passenger seat has a convenient under tray for stowing away essential items inside your vehicle without being an eyesore.

Quieter and more comfortable drive

Insulators suppressing engine noise are installed all around the engine room and a sound proofing sheet is placed within the windshield keeping the quietness inside the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross’ one of the best in its class. Road noise is kept to a minimum even when driving on rough road so everyone from the first to the third row can enjoy clear conversations inside the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross.

Xpander Cross

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