The 27th Asia Cross Country Rally, the toughest rally in Asia, is back with a 1700+ km track, starting from Thailand to the finish line in Cambodia this November 21-26.

Event Highlights

Leg 0

November 20, 2022 - Mitsubishi Motors Thailand (MMTH) conducted a Press Conference at a Mitsubishi Motors dealership in the Buri Ram District in Thailand. Through this event, the press were able to learn more about Team Mitsubishi RALLIART and the Asia Cross Country Rally 2022. The media contingent consists of press from the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Leg 1

Leg 1 (SS2) features the longest stage of the event with over 200 km
Chayapon at 1st place for both overall and SS2, and Rifat at 8th overall

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Leg 2

Leg 2 (SS3) features straight flat dirt over 100km/h high speed range Two STRADAs keep the top class overall with Chayapon Yotha as 1st place.

Special stage 3 (SS3) for Leg 2 began in Bankruat, a district close to the Cambodian border south from Buriram. From Team Mitsubishi Ralliart, Chayapon Yotha in car #105 STRADA who had finished 1st in SS2 started in 1st position, with Rifat Sungkar (Indonesia) in car #118 starting in 8th.

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Leg 3

SS4 features high-speed flat dirt road with large puddles from heavy rain
Chayapon Yotha keeps 1st place overall
Rifat Sungkar climbs one place to 4th overall

Special stage 4 (SS4) for Leg 3 began in Khu Mueang, located east of Buriram Airport in northeastern Thailand, and the main course was a flat dirt road in the middle of vast rubber plantations. The cars started in the order of the results of SS3 held the day before. From Team Mitsubishi RALLIART, Rifat Sungkar (Indonesia) in car #118 TRITON started 4th and Chayapon Yotha (Thailand) in car #105 started in the 7th position.

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Leg 4

SS5 changed by the organizer at the last minute
80 km of mainly high-speed flat dirt road using 1st half of SS3
Team Mitsubishi RALLIART maintains its top and 4th positions

The rally entered its fifth day. SS5 was originally scheduled as a stage of over 90 km near the border with Cambodia, but the course was changed the night before to an 80 km course from the starting point of SS3. The course consisted mainly of flat dirt at high speeds exceeding 100km/h, with a mix of gravel and tarmac roads.

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Leg 5

Final SS in Cambodia passes through Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat
Team Mitsubishi RALLIART takes overall victory at its first attempt

On the final day of the rally, Leg 5 took place in Siem Reap, well-known for the Angkor Wat. The final SS6 was short at approximately 48 km, and it was expected to be difficult to change rankings here. Therefore, expectations were high for Team Mitsubishi RALLIART's Chayapon Yotha (Thailand), who had maintained the overall lead and headed into the final SS with a lead of more than 8 minutes over his rivals.

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Team Director - Mitsubishi Motors

Hiroshi Masuoka

“The team’s spirit is the heart of the rally. We 100% dedicate ourselves to developing Triton to be more well-prepared for the tough race. We all have one ultimate goal, victory. Cheer us on!”

Meet the Team