The Drive

The Outlander PHEV has been designed to fit every aspect of your life. Whether it’s the daily commute or new adventures, the Outlander PHEV is ready and waiting.

SUV Capability

Ready for anything

The Outlander PHEV has all the benefits you'd expect from an SUV: a high driving position and high ground clearance, so it copes equally well with bumpy roads or uneven terrain. It offers powerful acceleration and responsive roadholding, and with a roomy cabin and generous luggage space, this SUV is more capable than ever before.

Twin Electric Motors

Responsive performance

The Outlander PHEV has twin technologically advanced electric drive motors mounted on the front and rear axle. Together, they create more focused drive power. It also means the car has a smoother drive, there's no 'shift shock' when changing gear and it's virtually silent.

S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control)

Outstanding stability

The Outlander PHEV is the only vehicle available with a Twin Motor 4WD system working in tandem with Mitsubishi’s unique integrated vehicle dynamics control system, S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control). The front and rear motors optimally control the driving and braking force of each wheel, which conventional 4WD vehicles would never be able to do. As a result, the Outlander PHEV offers you greater stability and control in all conditions.

More about S-AWC technology

Our unique integrated vehicle dynamics control system: S-AWC, delivers predictable handling and better performance through a combination of Active Yaw Control (AYC), Active Stability Control (ASC), and Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

Active Yaw Control (AYC)

Better cornering

Active Yaw Control (AYC) improves cornering by optimally distributing driving and braking forces to the left and right wheels.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

Stability in all conditions

Active Stability Control (ASC) helps a driver maintain control. When the system detects that a proper grip can’t be maintained by each wheel on a slippery road, or due to sudden movement of the steering wheel, braking force is applied at one or more of the wheels and motor output is automatically adjusted to maintain control.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

No locked brakes

Anti-lock brake system (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking up under heavy braking or while braking on slippery road surfaces. This means the driver can maintain control and steer around potential obstructions and/or avoid collisions.

Drive Mode Switch

Greater traction when you need it

Enhance the Outlander PHEV's off-road traction and stability even further with the new Drive Mode Switch on the center console. Just press it until the mode you want appears in the Multi-Information Display on the dash. Choose between Sport, ECO, Normal, or Lock settings.


Optimum Performance

Electric motors at each axle and a powerful gasoline engine work in harmony to optimise performance. Add in Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC), for improved traction and stability, and you'll experience driving pleasure at a whole new level with the Outlander PHEV.

outlander phev

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