Outlander PHEV Interior

Inside the Outlander PHEV there’s a lot of space, and plenty of luxurious features. But you’ll quickly notice something else. It’s very, very quiet.


Keeping you connected

A larger center panel houses the Smartphone Link Display Audio system (SDA). This in-car infotainment hub is better than ever before. It now has an 8-inch display screen, an upgraded navigation system and a faster processor to load information in half the time. It’s also the center for audio and journey status information, such as energy consumption and drive range. And if that wasn’t enough, it supports Apple CarPlay™ through your iPhone that gives you smart access to Apple Music, Apple Maps, Messages and more through the SDA touchscreen and your voice with Siri. SDA also lets you to link your smartphone to the vehicle via Android Auto™ so you can use your favorite apps.

Mitsubishi Power Sound System

Pump up the volume

We created this sound system especially for the Outlander PHEV. A 510w power amp gives you all the volume you need. A titanium tweeter at the front covers the high range and further speakers around the vehicle provide a richer, more balanced sound. The result is an in-car sound system that's better than many home stereos.

Spacious cabin

Sit back and enjoy the ride

The Outlander PHEV has large doors that make it easier to get in and out. And once you're inside, you'll never feel cramped as there's plenty of headroom and legroom in the passenger seats for you to stretch out.

Huge Cargo Space

Don’t leave anything behind

The Outlander PHEV's large cargo space means you can pack in everything from suitcases to pushchairs. The rear seat backs can be folded down, creating enough room to swallow mountain bikes whole. There's also a special area beneath the luggage floor for storing the electric charging cable.

AC 1500W Power Supply

Power up

There are two handy power outlets in the Outlander PHEV. One in the center console and the other in the rear cargo area. They provide up to AC 1500W Power Supply from the drive battery. That's enough for your appliances when camping or even at home if you have a power cut.

Note: Some appliances may not be used even if they do not exceed the rated power consumption of 1500W. Please see the user manual for additional information.

outlander phev

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